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OCA takes the physical and sexual safety of our students and faculty very seriously. OCA's Blended Model and New Full Time campuses each have an internal OCA Security Plan. The details of these plans are not shared with parents or the general community. 

These plans differ slightly per campus but may include the use of general security measures such as: 

  • Boots on the ground! OCA's Campus Security is headed up by a Retired Raleigh Police Officer trained in de-escalation techniques and in active shooter scenarios. He maintains his Retired LEO Qualifications & badge (renewed every year) and is paid staff at OCA. Having boots on the ground is a reassuring presence as this sets OCA apart.​​

  • Comprehensive school safety assessments of each campus performed by the Garner PD. The Garner PD then advises OCA how to sure up any vulnerabilities in our security plans. 

  • Monitored video cameras (entry doors & hallways)

  • Visible line of sight so staff can always see who is approaching the buildings 

  • Controlled access points

  • Exterior doors locked at all times

  • Regularly practiced intruder drills at each campus including training for students and staff

  • Unseen Heroes Outreach Breakfast (breakfast hosting the entire Garner Police Department to build and maintain relationships with our police force.) We have regular communication with the Garner PD, and they are familiar with our campus layout and safety protocols.

  • All volunteers (including parents) who work in classrooms have background checks and have been through OCA's Safe and Secure Program. Volunteers sign in at the front desk and are identified with visitor lanyards.  

  • No volunteers may be alone with a child or take a child to a restroom

Further security measures OCA is exploring to implement in stages include: 

  • SWAT Team mock response training for faculty and staff

  • Reinforced glass designed to deter entry
  • Parking lot video cameras

In addition, OCA employs additional security measures within each campus security plan not mentioned above. 

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