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Oak City Academy's Entrepreneur High School serves High School students in the Raleigh area and beyond. Our program is currently only 1 of 2 in the entire nation... and it's right here in the Triangle! Wouldn't you agree that the world could use more self aware, confident, enterprising and creative teens? Teenagers rooted in their calling and in their ability to contribute to the world?  


Students at OCA's Entrepreneur High School attend class 3 full days a week. Their core classes include all their needed high school classes (such as Geometry, Biology, Spanish, Electives etc.) alongside an intentionally crafted entrepreneur track. OCA's team has designed the entrepreneur track to first develop individual awareness of student's strengths, challenges, gifts, and the way they can show up in the world as their best selves..... all grounded in the Montessori model of individual development. Then we expose our 11th and 12th years to business planning, product/service development, operations, finance, marketing - the whole gamut of entrepreneurship!  Students will culminate their experience with their own Shark Tank and end their Senior Year with intern fellowships in the local community - businesses, non profits, you name it! Our high schoolers, armed with the tools they need to be successful in the world, will be out contributing in our local community while exploring their own gift mix - it's truly a beautiful thing!

Take a peek below to view each year of OCA's Entrepreneur High School journey! 

Image by Ivana Cajina

Year 1

A Journey Toward Identity

- Team building/ropes courses

- The Gospel & Hearing God's voice

- Christian faith, Forgiveness, & Renewing Your Mind

- Identity Immersion

- Freedom from Shame, Fear, & Control

- Maturity Skills

- Thrive Curriculum: Joy Relationship Skills

- Daring Greatly

-Resilience Training

Year 2

 A Journey Toward Calling

- Team Building & Ropes Courses

- Life Languages Communications Skills

- Launch 1:

  • Your Deep Gladness

  • Your Motivated Abilities

  • Your Unique Design

  • Your Strengths

  • Your Spiritual Gifts

  • Your Heroes

  • Your Themes

-Launch 2: 

  • The World's Deep Hunger

  • Your Story

  • Your Brokenness

  • Your Mending

  • Your Passions

  • Your Mission Statement

  • Your Calling Image

  • Your Plan

Image by Holly Mandarich
Casual Work Meeting

Year 3

Entrepreneurship 101

During Year 3 we expose our 11th and 12th Years to business planning, product/service development, operations, finance, marketing -- the whole shebang! Students will even practice researching companies, refine interview and presentation skills, and we will end with our own version of a business fair- similar to Shark Tank! 

Year 4

Fellows Internship Program

Now that students have discovered their gifts and narrowed their calling, Seniors will be given the opportunity to intern with local Entrepreneurs, Accountants, Engineers, Designers, Businessmen/women, Dentists, Pastors, Educators etc. in our local community. They will spend an entire year working alongside them and learning all about the professions they soon hope to step into! 

Image by NeONBRAND
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