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Oak City Academy Opportunity Scholarship Information & Deadline

Oak City Academy, a leading private school in the Raleigh, Garner, and Clayton area, is a proud recipient of the Opportunity Scholarship Program."The North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) was born out of an ideology that families in our state should have access to the school that best fits their child’s needs, regardless of their zip code or income. Established by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2013, OSP has now served thousands of families and students from across North Carolina since 2014 through a private school scholarship worth up to $6,492 a year, providing tuition assistance to ensure low and middle income families who are eligible for the program can obtain equal access to the school of their choice. The program, according to moms like Charlonda Brown from Goldsboro, has been “life changing” for her family." 

The Opportunity Scholarship Program

The new student application opens every February 1st. The Priority Window closes every March 1st. The application will remain open until August 31 for students to be considered for the upcoming school year, as funds remain available. However, please note that funds are often exhausted after the March 1st deadline due to the high application rate.  


























The Opportunity Scholarship covers the entire BL K & BL LE/UE (Grades 1st-6th) Tuition. It also covers much of the Hybrid and Full Time Model Tuition for grades 7th-8th. Other parents utilize the Opportunity Scholarship to cut the price in half for OCA's Full Time K-6th grade Program.  Please review tuition and fees here to ensure you can pay the remaining fees necessary, if granted the Opportunity Scholarship so you can choose your program accordingly. 

The Opportunity Scholarship application will ask you to list your school of choice. You may list OCA, however all prospective students must still go through the entire OCA Admissions process (linked here) prior to admittance. Please email us at and let us know that you have applied for the Opportunity Scholarship and what grade you would desire to apply for (if granted the scholarship). Our admissions department will inform you of next steps and seat availability. 

Useful Links and Information for Families

Families should visit the NCSEAA Website  and Parents for Educational Freedom in NC to view information regarding the NC K12 Programs.

Guides for the following can be found on the NCSEAA Website:

K12 Programs: Eligibility Requirements

K12 Parents: MyPortal Getting Started Guide


Families with questions unrelated to the OCA application process are encouraged to email NCSEAA . Below are the emails to each of the programs:

Opportunity Scholarship Program:


ESA+ Scholarship Program:

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