2022-2023 Tuition and Fees Chart 
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Parents may choose to pay tuition in one installment, two installments, in 10 monthly payments, or in 12 monthly payments.

Tuition Insurance: Families who choose to pay in 1 or 2 installments have the option to purchase tuition insurance but it is not required. Families who choose to pay in 10 or 12 monthly installments will be required to purchase tuition insurance. Tuition Insurance is a one time fee of ~2 % of your student's tuition price and is paid in the first tuition installment. Tuition insurance safeguards parents financial investment in the event of a job change, move, or another event that would necessitate a mid-year withdrawal. More details about the insurance program will be given when students sign their Enrollment Contract (if requested) and for all students when they sign their Tuition Agreement, if accepted. 


* 10 month payments are made from August 2021 – May 2022.
** 12 month payments are made from July 2021 – June 2022



Sibling Discount applies to Full Time Students only:

2nd child- 15 %

3rd child- 15%

4th child- 15%....etc. 

Scholarship Info: 

OCA has 2 types of scholarship opportunities:

1. The NC Opportunity Scholarship. Click here for more info about who can apply.

2. Internal scholarships for families from urban low income communities (Full Time students only in grades K-6th).

  • If your family's Admissions application is dependent on an internal scholarship, please first inquire about available scholarships (by emailing prior to applying.  

5 Day Tuition includes the following items:

  • Academic classes and academic services

  • Student accident insurance (school-sponsored activities on and off-campus)

  • PK-6th Grade – Field Trips, T-Shirt, Cultural/History Experiences, Hands-on Montessori Materials, Small Group Instruction, Dedicated Teacher Assistants in EVERY class, Enrichment Classes, & Thrive Character Development Program

Blended Model FAQ's

For more info, click here for the K-6th Blended Model FAQ's Page (found under "Academics")

Additional Fees (besides Tuition Insurance fees mentioned above):

$200- Application Fee- If your family meets the financial criteria for free lunch per the NC Eligibility Requirements Set for School Lunch Program please email OCA's Admissions Coordinator at to request an Application Fee Code Request Form for a coupon code.

$400- Enrollment Fee- All grades & programs

$300- Curriculum Fee- (PK, 5 Full Day, & Blended Model Students K-6th)/ $400 (MS Students)/$500 (HS Students) 


High School Only Fees: 

~$90- First Aid & CPR Class Certification Fee (one time fee dependent on when HS student takes Sports & Health Elective. Collected at start of CPR class that occurs later in the Fall.)

New Student Fees: 

$1000- New Student Fee ($1500 Max per family)- One time fee per student for all PK's & 5 Full Day students


$250- New Student Fee ($400 Max per family)- One time fee per student for all Blended/Hybrid Model Families

Please Note: All Tuition and Fees are non-refundable (including application fee).