Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the PK, 5 Day Program (K-6th),

& Hybrid Program (7th-HS) at OCA: 

For FAQ's related to the Blended Model (K-6th grade) Program please click here.

What are the school hours?​ School hours vary slightly per program, campus, and grade level however you can generally expect your child to arrive at school between 8:15-8:30AM and be picked up between 3:30-3:50PM. Specific carpool time frames for each program (including tardies and late fees) will be detailed to you in back to school information packets.

What is the difference between the Blended, Full Time, & Hybrid Program? K-6th Blended Model students attend school 2 days a week (T/Th), K-6th Full Time students attend school 5 days a week (M-F), and 7th Grade-High School Hybrid students attend school 3 days a week (MWF). 

When do Preschool students attend school? Preschoolers are given options based on their age

-PK3 (3 year olds): Attend school 3 half days or 5  half days a week ( 5 half days only if demonstrating readiness)

-PK4 (4 year olds): Attend school 5 half days a week


Can a PK Student attend 5 full days? OCA has extremely limited seats for this option and students must demonstrate various developmental milestones  (following instructions, self control, dropped their nap, late birthday, etc.). Due to the high possibility this option may not be offered to your child, all PK parents who desire Full Time PK must apply knowing this may not be the seat offered to them. Every PK parent who applies must be prepared to receive either the half or full day seat option. We encourage all preschool parents who work full time to arrange a friend, nanny, grandparent, or full day Day Care Center to pick their child up from school at 1PM each day after OCA's half day PK program. Also, please keep in mind that most PK students do not begin the year showing readiness for our full day program. However, if developmental readiness and seat openings come open in the middle of the year, we are happy to keep that option open for your family.

Are there Scholarship Opportunities available? OCA accepts the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship for students in all grades and programs (Kindergarten- High School). OCA offers a limited amount of internal scholarships to families with children in the K-6th Grade Full Time Program from underserved communities. Internal scholarships are offered through an application process and dependent on available funds at that time. Please visit our Tuition and Fees Page for more information on scholarship opportunities.  

What is OCA's first and last day of school? Does OCA follow Wake County schools with breaks, snow days, etc? As a private school, OCA does not follow Wake County calendars, breaks, or days out of school. Please visit our Calendar Page for sample calendars from the current school year. 

What is the student to teacher ratio? In preschool and elementary school we generally strive for around a 1 to 13 teacher to student ratio in PK & Full Time K-6th grade. However, we understand that some unexpected situations may slightly alter normative/desired ratios (example: a Primary classroom with 3 teachers may only have 2 teachers on a day a teacher calls out sick last minute and a sub is not available). Middle School and High School class numbers are higher in number and vary depending on the track and subject taught. However, OCA still boasts of our smaller class sizes for core subjects even in the higher grade levels! 

Does OCA provide before and after school care? OCA has temporarily paused our Extended Day Program due to Covid so that family groups do not mix. We hope to bring it back in the future. 

Does OCA provide a hot lunch program? OCA has temporarily paused our hot lunch program due to Covid. We hope to bring it back in the future.