Oak City Academy is currently located at The Capital Church on the edge of South Raleigh and North Garner. The building is right off US-70 at the back of The Capital Church Campus. The students have access to a wooded landscape for nature studies and a beautiful grass field for sports.

As OCA is expanding, we are excited to share that we have recently purchased & are developing 5 acres of land located at 1057 Benson Road, which is UNDER a 3 mile radius of the current campus location! OCA's future campus has a creek, wooded area, and is surrounded by ponds and lovely magnolia trees. OCA's CVO, CEO, Board of Directors, engineers, and architects are hard at work. They have now finalized OCA's site plan, exterior elevations, and interior floor plans with hopes to begin breaking ground Spring 2021!

Take a peek below to see the exterior elevations & floor plans of our new buildings!!! 

OCA Primary & Lower Elementary Exterior
OCA Primary & Elementary Floor Plan.jpg
OCA Upper Building Exterior Elevation.jp
OCA Upper School Floor Plan.jpg