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Founders Bios

Oak City Academy (OCA) was co-founded by Danny and Kari Breed out of a passion for kids to love learning alongside a desire to make exceptional education accessible to students from under-resourced communities.  The scholarship fund was born out of this heartbeat. OCA also serves families from the homeschool community and high income community which creates an economically, geographically, racially, and ethnically rich educational environment. 


In 2009, Oak City Academy was incorporated and a Board of Directors was formed. In 2010 OCA received its 501c3 status and created the foundational structures for the school and the curriculum. God answered many prayers along the way, including providing $70,000 in the first week of July, 2011, which provided the startup capital to begin the school. In the Fall of 2011, Oak City Academy opened its doors with 11 students, one teacher, and one assistant. As more students enrolled, a phenomenal teaching team expanded the staff even further. Today, the OCA leadership consists of its Co-Founders, Board of Directors, Admissions Board, Executive Team, Administrative Staff, Teaching Team, Enrichment and Elective teachers, and hundreds of supportive parents and families.

With his BA in Administration, MDIV in Christian Studies, and currently pursing his Master's Degree in "Classical Education Thought," OCA's Headmaster and CEO, Danny Breed, brings organizational leadership, a love for Classical learning, and a passion for God's heart to be integrated into the curriculum.  After reading the book "Traction," by Gino Wickman, Danny led the school through an organizational overhaul in 2015 helping the staff and Board of Directors articulate OCA's core values and passion. Danny's strong, consistent, faithful, and peaceful leadership has always been the glue that holds OCA together. 


Kari Breed, OCA's  CVO (Chief Visionary Officer), holds her BS in Early Childhood & English, an AMS (American Montessori Society) certification, and 50 hours toward her MDIV degree in Women's Studies. Kari continually holds OCA's "Core Values" before us which contributes to the strong culture of OCA. Kari has been instrumental in casting vision for OCA's continued expansion and building design while blazing a unique model of curriculum bringing together the Montessori Method with Classical Education. Kari also brings her marketing and admissions expertise to OCA which has helped grow the school.


Danny and Kari have both been key in implementing the Thrive Character Development Program at OCA and OCA's Entrepreneur High School Program.  Welcome to Oak City Academy! We are hopeful that our story would join with yours, creating a beautiful new story for your child and family! 


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