The Middle School & High school classrooms are so beautiful because, in essence, they run themselves. OCA's High School humanities teacher once said, "I don't participate in literature discussions now because I have to, I participate because I want to!" OCA's secondary students are the ones leading the discussion. One prospective parent (who was touring) exclaimed, "Wow! That felt like a college seminar!" OCA students, however, see their literature discussions more like a book club. Students WANT to be a part of their learning community! 


Small group and project based learning continue in secondary education at OCA. Students take the classes they need at the appropriate levels (according to their academic needs). In other parts of the curriculum, students work in diversified groups, where they can learn from their peers who have different strengths than they do.  Classes utilize hands-on science experiments & dissection, community service projects, leadership development, and (in High School) an Entrepreneur Program that culminates in a business plan, product, and Fellows Internship Program! Click below (best to read use a computer since it's a google doc) and explore OCA's MS/HS Academic Course Study, Electives, and a sample High School Social Events Calendar.