Application Openings & Enrollment Deadlines for Fall 2021 Start Date

  • Early Bird Applications: Nov. 12th, 2020 - Jan. 15th, 2021 (Full Time applicants ONLY)

  • Priority Applications: Jan. 16th, 2021- Feb. 19th (Full Time & Blended Model applicants)

  • Open Enrollment (for any remaining seats): Feb. 20th- July 2021 (Full Time & Blended Model applicants).

Note: Parents/Guardians are responsible for checking all wait pool information (link here) and reading the entire "Admissions Process Quick Reference" prior to applying. We highly recommend attending in-person tours so you do not miss any pertinent information about the Admissions Process and have space to ask questions. Wait Pool letters may go out at any time in the Admissions Process as seat availability is changing quickly as students accept and/or decline seats.

Thank you for your interest in Oak City Academy, a Christian Montessori school for ages PK-high school. Below you will find an overview of the Admissions Process. If you have any questions throughout the process, please contact Kari Kouba (Admissions Coordinator) at 919-815-7742 or

Admissions Process Quick Reference:
Parent Tour

We ask that all families tour, prior to applying, to ensure that there are seats available. You can register on OCA’s website for a tour and seat availability updates are posted there. 

Admissions Application

The formal application process begins when a completed application and the application fee is received through TADS. Please refer to the “Enrollment Deadlines” above to know when applications are due for consideration. All fees, including the application fee, are non-refundable. You may submit your application online at the "Apply Now" button above.

Scholarship Application (if applicable)

OCA offers 2 types of scholarship possibilities for families: The Opportunity Scholarship and Internal OCA Scholarships. Full Time and Blended Model Families may both apply for the Opportunity Scholarship Program which is a $4200 state scholarship that goes toward OCA Tuition. In addition to the Opportunity Scholarship, OCA offers internal scholarships for students from urban low income communities in the full time program (PK4-6th grade only). OCA does not offer internal scholarships to PK3 students, Middle School or High School students, or students in the Blended Model Program.*

*If your application is dependent upon a scholarship, we ask that you inquire about scholarship availability prior to completing an Admissions Application as internal scholarships are limited. Scholarship Applications are due the week you submit your Admissions Application.


  1. Step 1 (Opportunity Scholarship)- All families who apply for an Internal OCA Scholarship must first apply for the Opportunity Scholarship (NC state lottery) usually between Feb 1st-March 1st. You may apply here

  2. Step 2 (Email OCA Admissions Coordinator)- Once you have applied for the Opportunity Scholarship, email Kari Kouba (Admissions Coordinator) at and let her know that you have applied for the Opportunity Scholarship. At this time, applicants should ask if any internal scholarships are still available.  

  3. Step 3 (2 Applications)- You may THEN apply through OCA's Admissions Application & submit a Scholarship Application on TADS here: and click on ‘Financial Aid Assessment’ to begin an application. If families need assistance with their application along the way, they can contact Family Support at 800-477-8237, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Time.

Confidential Teacher Evaluation Forms

Confidential Teacher Evaluation Forms are required for each student. Various forms are required, depending on what program you are applying for, so please follow the instructions below for the grade and program you are applying for:

  1. PK3, PK4, & Full Time K applicants: If your rising PK or K child has previously attended preschool or daycare, we require TWO Teacher Evaluation Forms to be completed by their current/most recent teachers.  If your rising PK or K child has not previously attended preschool or daycare, we only require ONE Teacher Evaluation form. This ONE form should be completed by a teacher or person who has observed your child in a group setting (other than a relative). Examples of who may fill out this form include: Church Small Group Leaders, Sunday School Teachers, Children’s Choir Directors, Art Teachers, Sports/Dance Coaches, etc. Provide the "Teacher Evaluation Form" link (found here) to each teacher within 24 hours of completing the Admissions Application. Ask the Teacher to complete the form within 72 hours.

  2. 1st-6th Full Time applicants: TWO Teacher Evaluation Forms are required. One Teacher Evaluation Form must be completed by your child’s most recent/current teacher. The second Teacher Evaluation Form must be completed by a second teacher or person (other than a relative) who knows the applicant well and has observed him or her in a structured educational setting. Provide the "Teacher Evaluation Form" link (found here) to each teacher within 24 hours of completing the Admissions Application. Ask the Teacher to complete the form within 72 hours. 

  3. K-10th Blended Model applicants:  TWO Teacher Evaluation Forms are required. One Teacher Evaluation Form is filled out by the homeschool parent who teaches the child on a regular basis. The second Teacher Evaluation Form is filled out by an adult (non-family member) who regularly observes the child in a group setting (preferably an academic setting such as a co-op teacher). A private tutor is also acceptable. Provide the Teacher Evaluation Form" link to each teacher within 24 hours of completing the Admissions Application. Ask the Teacher to complete the form within 72 hours. Ask the Teacher to complete the form within 72 hours.** 

PK/K Evaluation Form Link Here

1st-10th Grade Evaluation Form Link Here

**If your child is NOT coming directly out of a full time homeschool environment, BOTH Teacher Evals will need to be completed by academic teachers from your child's previous school. 

Submit School Records

Request copies of the following records from your child’s previous school and send one email to Kari Kouba at titled, “(Child’s Name) School Records” 

  1. Standardized Test Scores (Applies to Full time and Blended Model Rising 1st through 9th grade students only. Not required for rising PK/K students)

  2. Any additional evaluations including education, speech and language, occupational therapy, audiology, psychology, IEP’s, etc. (Applies to all students)

  3. Two Report Cards from the current and previous school year (Applies to Full time and Blended Model students applying for 1st- 9th grade. Not required for rising PK/K students)

  4. Official Transcript (MS & HS students only)

Academic Assessment

The Admissions Team will conduct a preliminary review of applicants to determine those who will continue in the process based on seat availability. At this time your family will either be contacted to set up an Academic Assessment and/or Shadow Day,” or your family will receive a “Seat Declined” letter stating a seat was not available. Not all students will receive an Academic Assessment and/or Shadow Day. Please note that in the event that your child receives a denial letter, specific reasons your child not being offered a seat are not discussed by the Admissions Board or Director and seat declines may not be appealed. 

Parent Chat "Dessert & Dialogue"

After the Academic Assessment, those continuing in the Admissions Process will be contacted to attend a "Dessert and Dialogue." This evening is a round table chat with other parents and the OCA Admissions Board discussing the core values of the school as well as safety, discipline, and illness policies. This event may be subject to change due to Covid-19 precautions. 

Acceptance/Denial/Wait Pool Letters

The Admissions Board carefully and prayerfully considers all applications (and paperwork therein) submitted to Oak City Academy. The Admissions Process is described as a journey and we thank you for joining us on this journey. Unfortunately, there are a limited numbers of seats available in each grade, thus not every applicant will be offered a seat. Seat denial and wait pool letters can be sent out at any point in the Admissions Process. Classrooms can become full or have extra space quickly and unexpectedly as students accept and decline seats. Seat acceptance letters are sent out at the conclusion of the Admissions Process.


Please keep in mind that, occasionally, a student may only demonstrate readiness for a grade level below what you have applied for OR only demonstrate readiness for the Blended Model (2 Day) Program instead of OCA's Full Time Program. In that instance, the student's parent would be notified by a letter from the Admissions Board of the program and/or grade that your child is being offered. 


All grade placements, program placements, and acceptance/denial/wait pool decisions from the Admissions Board are final and may not be appealed, discussed, or detailed.  Thank you for understanding that the Admissions Process is a journey, and the Admissions Board thoughtfully and humbly works through this process. We are grateful for every family who joins us on this journey! 

Oak City Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship, loan programs and other school administered programs.