Blended Model Program (K-6th) FAQ's

2Days a week

FAQ's for Blended Model (BL) K-6th Families

How often will my chid go to school? If your child is in K-6th grade he/she will go to school 2 days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 7th-10th graders (in the hybrid model) go to school 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesdays, & Fridays. 

What is the student to teacher ratio in each classroom? 

The Blended Model Program (K-6th) have a 1 to 12 teacher to child ratio in the classroom. Classrooms are capped at 24 students and 2 teachers (one lead teacher and one dedicated assistant teacher). 

Does OCA have additional Admin staff to assist parents and teachers in the BL Model Program?

YES! OCA has a dedicated Blended Model Coordinator to resource both parents and teachers throughout your time at OCA. OCA also has a dedicated BL Model Room Parent to coordinate events and assist the BL Coordinator as needed. 

Do Blended Model Students get to go on school field trips?

Yes! OCA's curriculum aligns with wonderful field trips throughout the year. Though a Blended Model Student's Tuition does not include Field Trips costs, all BL Model Students and their parents are welcome to attend field trips with their class and pay the minimal fees required by the programs. 


I can't decide on doing the Blended Model or Full Time option. Can I switch from Blended Model to Full time mid-year if I change my mind?  

May be. Families may switch from BL Model to Full Time (as long as there is a full time seat available) but NOT from Full Time to BL Model.  Any BL Model families who later move into the full time program pay the fee difference including the New Student Fee.

Do Full Time and Blended Model Students mix?

As the Blended Model Program has grown it is becoming its own independent program. It is OCA's hope that our Blended Model Program will have its own campus in the near future. Blended Model Students will mix with other Blended Model students on their campus especially during events. 

I've never homeschooled before. Will I be able to do this!?!

Absolutely! We make it easy and describe OCA's Blended Model Program as "homeschool on a platter." We provide the lesson plans, curriculum,  report cards, and even sample daily schedules for your home days. We have also helped pair up new homeschool moms/dads with more "seasoned" homeschool moms/dads! However, the parents are seen as "co-teachers" as the majority of their school days are at home. School subjects and home subjects overlap. A few simple subjects (ex. history and Bible) are taught at "home only" whereas math and language are taught primarily at school and continued at home. A detailed explanation of this list is provided at the Blended Model Parent Orientation in the summer. Each student will also receive a "Traveling Montessori Materials Bin" that will go back and forth from school to home. These bins will have printed out Montessori materials just like wooden materials they use at school. Parents will also have access to parent training videos throughout the year. 

Do I need to open a homeschool or keep my homeschool open?

In 2019, the NC Department of Non-Public Education said it is no longer necessary to open a homeschool or keep your homeschool open if your child is enrolled at OCA. Your child now comes under the academic responsibility of Oak City Academy. Some families choose to keep their homeschools open for other siblings, etc, however it is not required that you do so. 

Will the Blended Model Program ultimately become a self-sustained classroom at each Montessori level?

Yes, because OCA's Blended Model Montessori program is so popular, it will eventually become its own independent program and campus (separate from the 5 Day model).  All Blended Model Students will have their own Blended Model events that best serve the needs and desires of Blended Model families. 

Do you accept Blended Model families who have the opportunity scholarship?

Yes! Students all still go through the Admissions Process, but we do accept the Opportunity Scholarship which pays for the entire K-6th grade Blended model tuition. The opportunity scholarship is accepted all the way through high school as well.  Though the Opportunity Scholarship covers tuition (or in 7th-12th most of tuition), parents are still required to pay all fees.  

Additional Notes about Blended Model: ​

The "Blended Model" at Oak City Academy is created specifically so that parents can remain highly involved in their children’s education. In fact, for this model to be successful, it requires a high level of involvement from the parents. This model allows for parents to spend more time with their children in home education without the stresses associated with running a school, planning curriculum, etc. Children in K-6th will attend OCA 2  days each week (depending on their grade), in which they will get to experience our rich Montessori style of education with a blend of Classical methodology as well. At home they will work abstractly on concepts using take home packets, a traveling Montessori materials bin, and handouts/workbooks provided by the school. The Blended Model Curriculum Fee provides curriculum  through both digital curriculum access and paper copies of curriculum guides. Additional curriculum materials (or curriculum in different/preferred formats) is the responsibility of the parent.