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Welcome to OCA's Homeschool Connections Program where OCA offers à la carte classes for homeschool students in grades 6th-9th!



We are so glad you are here! Please read through "Program Information & Expectations," "Student Expectations," and explore the "Course Catalog" button (below) before registering for classes. 





What is OCA's Homeschool Connections Program? Oak City Academy (OCA) is an established private Christian school (of 12 years). In view of families expressing a great need for upper level homeschool classes to be offered in the Southern area of the Triangle, OCA has opened up their 6th-9th grade classes for homeschool students to join in an à la carte style. Classes are taught by seasoned teachers who have years of teaching experience and degrees in their particular subject areas. Learn more about OCA's Middle School Program here. 


Pedagogy: What is your Approach to Education? OCA's Core Values are Kingdom, Honor, Joy, and Wholeness. Once students enter 6th grade, OCA shifts from Christian Montessori to Christian Classical (think Charlotte Mason) education. Our Classical model includes exploring living books in Literature where students share living ideas in rich discussion groups and learning experiences (not just facts). OCA also provides soft seating areas in each classroom and encourages outdoor learning as much as possible! A creek and a pond border OCA's property that enhance the beauty of our learning environment. In Charlotte Mason's own words, "Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.” OCA's school setting is peaceful, discipline is a strong focus as we emphasize Christian character, and subjects intertwine to encourage life-long learners. 

How many classes can my student sign up for? 6th-8th graders who are part of OCA's "Homeschool Connections" Program may currently choose a maximum of 3 "core courses" per academic school year and as many electives as desired. Since 9th grade courses are limited, 9th graders may choose an unlimited number of core courses. If your 6th-8th grade student is needing more than 3 core courses, then your student will need to apply for OCA's Blended K-6th (2 day) or Hybrid 7th-8th (3 day) program instead. OCA's Blended & Hybrid program is similar to a university model program and your child would no longer be required to be classified as a homeschool student as part of OCA's Blended or Hybrid program. See program differences in the Course Catalog. 


Homeschool Requirements: Student's who attend OCA's Homeschool Connections must be registered as homeschoolers. Homeschool Connections families must keep their home school open while attending OCA classes, as their student is classified as a homeschool student.


Cost- Course prices are listed per class on the registration link. Homeschool Connections students are responsible for securing their own textbooks and course materials. OCA may have extra textbooks available for rent or purchase in July at Orientation. 


Schedule: Most classes are blocked into 1-2 days a week (Mondays OR Tuesdays/Thursdays) to accompany Homeschool Connections students except for Math and English which are 3 days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays, AND Thursdays). However, Homeschool Connections students have the option to attend Monday classes in person or via zoom. 

Grades: All grading is done by OCA  teachers and reflected on quarterly progress reports that families receive digitally. 


Dress Code- Finger length khaki shorts/pants and navy, white, or "Carolina Blue" polo shirts. Girls may also wear khaki skirts/skorts. 

Parent/Guardian & Student Orientation- The parent responsible for overseeing the student's homeschool experience must accompany the student to a Homeschool Connections orientation in late summer before school starts. Date TBD. 

Course Placement Assessment- Students will be invited to a placement assessment to determine right fit courses and to ensure each student is able to agree to the Student Expectations. Parents will be asked to bring a copy of their student's latest test results and a list of current courses your student is taking (latest report card or transcript accepted for this). Parents will be asked to stay on campus during this assessment for a program overview and to sign the Parent/Student/School Agreement.  Contact to arrange your student's Course Placement Assessment. In the subject line please write, "Homeschool Connections Course Placement Assessment Needed."

Payment- An invoice for payment will be emailed to you once registration is confirmed. Registration is confirmed via email after a student completes his or her Course Placement Test and parent and student both sign the Parent/Student/School Agreement (see more info under Student Expectations).

Learning differences, disabilities, or challenges- Please note that parents are solely responsible for resourcing students with learning differences, disabilities, or challenges. Parents with students who have learning differences, disabilities, or challenges are expected to discuss your student's needs with our Admissions department prior to registration to ensure that OCA's Homeschool Connections Program has the resources to meet your child's needs. Also, parents will be asked to secure their own tutors. OCA has a recommended tutor list that they are happy to provide.  

  • Children with a learning disability/learning difference will be evaluated prior to entry to assess if Oak City Academy’s program is the best fit for this child and to ensure OCA has the resources available to help your child succeed. Parents, recommendations, outside evaluations, and administration are encouraged to be brought into the decision making process. Each student is evaluated by the Admissions Board on a case by case basis.

  • Children who have been diagnosed as having a learning disability, or who demonstrate a learning difference, will be required to meet the same academic and behavioral standards as all the other children in their grade level. Thus, please choose your student's courses appropriately to match his/her ability and ensure your student can abide by the "Student Expectations" listed below. 

  • Children who have been diagnosed as having a learning disability, or who demonstrate a learning difference, will be given as much individual instruction, attention, and encouragement as their classmates.




Students who are successful in OCA's Homeschool Connections Program demonstrate the following traits and characteristics: 

- Alignment with OCA's values and Detailed Statement of Faith 

- Responsibility (with deadlines and classroom expectations)

- Prepared for class

- Timely to class 

- Independent learners & self- starters

- Good listening skills

- Respectful of self, peers, teachers, and facilities

- Curiosity for learning

- Integrity & honesty

- Desire to contribute to class discussions

A Parent/Student/School Agreement will be signed by students and parents at the Course Placement Test which includes the Student Expectations, OCA's values, and OCA's Detailed Statement of Faith. Oak City Academy reserves the right to dismiss any students from the Homeschool Connections Program who does not (or is not able to) abide by OCA's Student Expectations (listed above). If Oak City Academy does not believe our program has the resources to serve a student's needs, the family will be notified as soon as possible after a child's course placement test. 

Dropping a course- Any class dropped after the 3rd day of classes at midnight is non-refundable. Classes dropped before the 3rd day of classes are 50% refundable. 


All classes are year long classes unless otherwise noted

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